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Design by HIND RABII 2015
Forms free from the restrictive tenets of fashion, for now there are three, expressing themselves as mischievous yet aware of their formal presence. YA-YA is mischievous and ironic, its dual personality endearing. YA-YA wears its materials with such timeless elegance that they could be "anything". The rays projected onto its surfaces light up the most colorless mediums and give them graphic presence.

YA-YA in situ

Ya-Ya details

3D files are available on our desktop website

sizing options

YA-YA1 / YA-YA2 / YA-YA3 : IP20 led module 10W 2700K 1500Lm - YA-YA70 : IP20 led module18W 2700K 2500Lm

Shading options

Black Marble
White Marble
Matt White 10
Gold Leaf
Copper Leaf
Silver Leaf