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KTG2000 & 3000

Design by HIND RABII
The visual impacts of TENUE DE SOIREE are impressed in large-scale on the emotion.

They open up the space to romantic, phantasmagorical figures and surround the light with graphic vibrations selected by HIND for their ability to stir up.

Luminous emotions that carve out for themselves spaces reserved for places with extraordinary stories. Concert halls, restaurants in historic palaces, reception rooms of hôtels particuliers, dining rooms or private bedrooms that, thanks to TENUE DE SOIREE become exceptional places for exceptional personalities.


KTG2000-KTG3000 comes in 2 aerien shapes

KTG2000 +
KTG3000 +

KTG2000 KTG3000 is softly manufactured with

Play of light by transparency

Chic transparent linen