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Annette & Lubin

Design by Jean François D'OR
Annette and Lubin are two characters from a tale written by Jean-François Marmontel in 1761, telling the true story of Marie Schmitz and Gilles Dewalt of Spa.
In their lifetime this couple would become Annette and Lubin of Spa, lending their name to the luscious green hill at the top of which they lived.
Celebrated and remembered by this town, Queen of the Belgian Ardennes, placed in this oasis, this region of springs.

Annette and Lubin is a collection of lights inspired by this region and these two characters.
Where the sphere and cone meet, superimposed blown glass and locally sourced oak; the freshness of undergrowth and a July morning, with pearl pink on the leaves of a lush green colour palette.
Versatile blends of these two geometric shapes that stem from the intersections of materials and colours of Annette and Lubin.


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ALB30 +
ALB41 +
ALB71 +
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ALB99 +

Annette & Lubin is softly manufactured

with mouth blown glass

with solid oak