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New catalog

Catalog 2018-2019

Here our new catalog 2018-2019. request your hard copy by sending email to

now working
with leather

Among our new materials, we started to use Sewed leather for FICO, the body is in Ceramic, handmade in Italy near Venice as our ceramics and blown glass.
New In

Huge Meridiana

Meridiana: this is not a sundial, even if it mess with light. The process in fact is inverse: here the light is not the means, but the purpose, a great disk like the sun and hidden behind a big clock hand or what it seems like, a gentle, not blinding light.

Fabulous Belle d'I The Great in private Parisian appartment



Like the fruit of the same name (FIG in Italian), which ocnceals succulent pult beneath a thicj ckin, here the light is protected by a shell of ceramic hanging frim a tape as id drom the branch of its tree. It comes in therr different shapes.